About EBU-TT

EBU Timed Text (EBU-TT) is the successor of the EBU STL subtitling format. It supports the production and archiving of subtitles, legacy STL file transcoding and tunnelling, online distribution and live subtitling.

The introduction of HDTV, the move to file-based production facilities, the proliferation of new online outlets, including hybrid TV, and increased demands for high-quality live subtitling, challenge the way subtitles are produced and distributed.

  • A universal subtitling format
  • No limitations like SRT and EBU-STL
  • For open, live and 'hidden' subtitles
  • Based on XML technology

EBU-TT is intended as general purpose exchange format for subtitles and supports Unicode characters. As an exchange format EBU-TT intrinsically also is an archiving format

Frequently Asked Questions


The EBU-TT format is an evolution on EBU-STL.

It's also known as DFXP or TTML.


We can convert your old files into EBU-TT.

Conversion of 890, pac, srt, etc.


It's adapted by major companies.

EBU-TT covers all techniques.


We sell subtitling software.

For both Mac and Windows.


All characters are supported.

Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Urdu, etc.

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